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  • A New Direction2:31
  • Nativity in the Sky0:12
  • Another Universe2:45
  • I See You From the Clouds2:46

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  • Thank you so much, Shawn, I really enjoyed this report. And I can see how most of what you said is already unfolding in my life. It is uncannily accurate.  The level of personal attention to detail that you clearly put into this report is amazing! It is evident that this is not a computer generated reading, which I greatly appreciate. The explanation of the different planets and houses was thorough and well written. I especially liked how you tied everything together at the end of the report and answered my questions so clearly. I am looking forward to ordering future reports from you, and would highly recommend any report written by Shawn of AstroDark! 

  • "Hi Shawn, thanks very much for the reading.  I found it to be very thorough and concise. I have been asking the universe what its asking me to do, just unfortunately trusting my intuition is not something that comes easily to me and I can a very busy head and sometimes I fight battles in my head, so again you putting it out there to ask myself "do I have to be right in this situation."  Thanks again for your reading It was well presented , easy to read and straightforward and I liked how you began and introduced your reading."

  • "From the beginning of the reading, right to the end, you were light and clear and expressive. You're reading for me was so helpful. It's really what I needed to help clear the confusion of how to approach my situation. I would also like you to know, it was quite accurate, as well."

  • "(The reading)  It definitely resonates. Just this week some issues came up between us and we were able to clarify a lot.  Thank you again!"

  • "I enjoyed this reading very much. I believe it has given me more hope than a normal online reading. I feel lucky :)"

  • "It was really nice reading, enjoyed it so much and it was very accurate about my situation.Thank you very much for your efforts."

  • "​Hi Shawn, Thank you for my solar return reading, it definitely hit a couple points I will be dealing with this year. I could tell through your reading that you were not just telling me what I had wanted to hear, that means a lot , thank you! I also enjoyed the free numerology report at the end about starting a new cycle which was an added bonus! I am also curious about your opinion on the outer planets as well? I am thinking that it is more generational and not significant in a solar return? Anyways thank you for the clean cut, straight forward analysis of my solar return, it was easy to interpret and very accurate!"

  • "Hi Shawn, thank you so much for the reading! I really enjoyed it and I consider it an excellent guide for this new year. It is quiet detailed, easy to understand and plenty of useful information. I'll let you know about my life the following months, I'm excited about the changes you mention. I appreciate a lot your time and energy in your work, and the result is amazing because I could notice that it is done with love and knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your reading and for your wishes for my birthday!"

  • "Thank you Shawn for my solar return reading I found this to be really insightful as to what planetary forces will be influencing my life this year. Shawn was very easy to work with and responded to by request for a reading promptly. The language used in my reading was easy to understand quite clear in his descriptions. I would recommend Shawn for a solar return reading and will contact him again for next years solar return. Thank you again."

  • "Hello Shawn, Thank you very much for your report and tips. I will keep you updated with the progress and how things are turning out in my life."​
    Thank you Shawn for your insightful and accurate readings you have done for me so far. You guided my thoughts to paths that I should concentrate more this year. Your excellent communicative and professional approach along with your personal touch in your readings made me feel optimistic of what is ahead. I appreciate all your time and effort you put into my readings. I will definitely recommend Shawn AstroDark to family and friends! You are so devoted to what you do. Excellent work! Thank you again and I wish you all the best!"
  • "Shawn is a gifted astrologer who changed the perspectives of my life and made me think differently. Looking things from his psychological angle made me realize important things in life. I am grateful for his inspirational advice and the positive options he offered. Thank you Shawn. I wish you all the best. Keep inspiring us!"

  • "Enjoyed reading about my solar return for the upcoming year. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and it's even better having a head's up on possible situations for 17-18. Thank you Shawn!" 

  • Thank you very much!!! I'm impressed! This Solar Return Reading was a great birthday gift!!! Thanks once again!

  • I found the way that Shawn conducts his readings to be professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to let my family and friends know about Shawn and his website. His one card reading did help me to see my situation in a clearer light and helped me to understand what I needed to do next. Thank you so much Shawn for sharing your expertise especially freely and for your kind and considerate approach. 

  • Thank you Shawn!!!You are really committed to work!I love people like you: responsible, dedicated and friendly! 

  • Shawn, I wanna to thank you for the free solar return reading, it helped me a lot! You're such a gifted and kind person for helping others by sharing your knowledge. Also, you're a great professional for doing it so well and so quickly! Since the very first feedback email you were very nice to me, and the solar reading was perfectly written, simple to understand, specially for a foreigner like me. Once again, thank you. God bless you.
  • Really pleased with my reading. It has really cleared things up for me and I now feel much more confident moving forward. Thank you very much! 

  • A very unique way of tarot card reading by Shawn with deep clarity, understanding and meaningful messages even though it is just a 1-card spread. Shawn way of reading gave a positive "hope" and healing even though the issue was about a relationship break-up. Shawn really put his heart into this meaningful work he is doing. Big Thank You to Shawn and Great Success to you in your journey.

  • It is so amazing!! The reading outcome is as if it is catered correspondently to my questions!! And the amazing part is that this tarot reading is so similar to my Astrology Solar Return reading. What a coincidence!! Sun in third house and air elements card, all is related to mental work.. also about change and spiritual journey... And my numerology personal year for 2018 is #5, year of Changes! Oh my, oh my...🙏It is obvious that my journey ahead is strongly skewed towards the [new] work and definitely progressing further on my spiritual path! In a way, I was already planned to let the situation flows as it is with this plan of [new work].. The astrology and your tarot reading just reaffirmed that I'm on the right path and will have to pursue it with persistency and not giving up. Your reading is so delicate and meticulously structured with details and in-depth. Never had I ever had this detailed explanations about a tarot card reading.. you will definitely do very well in your future tarot reading commercially with 110% passions and dedications that you put it into the reading analysis and the intuitive connection you have with the Universe!!! I'm still awed with the reading and will have to read it again and again to reassure me and also to let this wow feelings to settle in. Cannot thank you enough other than saying big thank you to you again!!​ My deepest appreciation 😊.


Thank you!