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Summer/Winter Solstice Newsletter
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 8:00 PM
Summer/Winter Solstice Greetings!

Summer Solstice Greetings to clients in the Northern Hemisphere and
Winter Solstice Greetings to clients in the Southern Hemisphere!

This page is my Summer Solstice 2017 Newsletter. I love when the seasons change. So many new seekers have joined over the past few months. It's very exhilarating to see continue to grow!!

Thank you for everyone's support, prayers, and good wishes.

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I worked very hard for the past year to complete my Tarot certification. When you choose a certified Tarot reader, you can have the peace of mind that you are working with a professional who stays current in their field and abides by a strong
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Main Article - The Great American Eclipse - August 21, 2017

In the USA, we have a dramatic event that will happen in the heavens on August 21, 2017, dubbed, the "Great American Eclipse." For those of you who have had premium readings with me, you'll know that eclipses can have a profound effect on our lives.

The Solar Eclipse is an event in the sky when the Moon will block the Sun's fiery and life-giving rays. It turns day into night. Symbolically, an eclipse symbolizes the closing of one chapter and the start of a new chapter. That is why in astrology, an eclipse is held to be very powerful. In ancient times, a solar eclipse was believed to foretell doom and disaster. There has always been a bipolar component to eclipses. On the one hand, eclipses are distressing. On the contrary, they usher change and stir up old energy. However, if one triggers your chart, it will shift your reality.

Essential Information about Eclipses

Eclipses take place in pairs. A new moon is a solar eclipse, and a full moon is a lunar eclipse. They appear in similar signs and are found exactly opposite each other with a span of six months apart. Like the lunar nodes, they progress through the chart clockwise. Eclipses run for about 18 months and fall into opposite houses. These are the zodiacal areas that need resolution.

 1st house/7th house
12th house/6th house
11th house/5th house
10th house/4th house
9th house/3rd house
8th house/2nd house

Every year, there are typically four eclipses somewhere in the world and sometimes more. In 2011, there were six eclipses, and in 2020 there will be another six. August 21, 2017, eclipse is different because it will be visible across the continental United States. The last total eclipse was back in 1979, in the Northwest part of the US.

 The Path of Totality 
If you are directly in the "path of totality," the Sun will be totally dark for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Estimates show that millions of people will be looking into the sky at the Moon's shadow on this important date. Here is the path that the 8/21/2017 eclipse will take: 

The total solar eclipse will unfold at the New Moon when the Sun at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo conjuncts the Moon at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo. Later that day, the Sun at 28 Leo will trine Uranus at 28 Aries. This harmonious trine will bring an effortless flow of energy between the solar eclipse in bold and confident Leo to Uranus, the planet of surprise and the unexpected.

The map above shows the path of the eclipse. The reason this is important is that astrologically, this is where it will have the greatest impact. 

How do I know if the Eclipse will Affect Me?
The question above is a big issue. Where 28 degrees of Leo falls in your chart, an aspect of your life will radically change according to most astrologers. The last time a solar eclipse occurred in Leo at 29 degrees was in 1998. Themes and experiences that happened back then are likely to repeat similarly. Think back to that time in your life. Do you remember a significant change?

Here are a few points to look for in your chart.

Sun or Moon is at 28 degrees of Leo
Sun or Moon is at 28 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio (square)
Sun or Moon is at 28 degrees of Aquarius. (opposition)
Leo is on the cusp of your 10th house (midheaven)
29 Leo is conjunct the ascendant

Check your natal chart (You can order a free
Natal Chart Wheel here) to see if you have any planets located at 28 degrees of any sign.

Significant Aspects

  • Eclipse Trine Uranus: This will bring new and innovative energy to the United States. This trine supports personal freedom, revolution, and genius. You can work best with this energy by generating fresh solutions to old problems. Creating and inventing progressive new technology will unfold over the next 12 months. 

  • Saros Series: The August eclipse is part of the Saros Series which brings another element to this celestial event. According to the astrologer, Marjorie Orr, The Saros Series includes eclipses in 1909, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981 and 1999. Each of these years had a significant event surrounding the United States or its president. She goes on to say that "usually this series places strains on personal relationships, induces hasty decisions by false information, and is associated with tiredness or health problems."

President, Donald J. Trump

The August 21st, 2017 eclipse has created a lot of buzzes because there are several key configurations in the eclipse chart that trigger President Trump's natal chart.

  • President Trump was born during a Lunar Eclipse.


  • The eclipse is in the sign of Leo, and President Trump has Leo Rising. Leo associates with kings and rulers. Leo is a certain and dramatic sign. The Moon represents the public. Astrologers wonder what effect President Trump's transit chart will have in the United States. The general principle is the chart of a leader of a country is a stand-in for the people. 


  • Regulus. I don't work with the fixed stars, but the commentary from other astrologers who do is very fascinating. Regulus is understood to bring adventure, and President Trump has Regulus rising in his natal chart. It is also conjunct his natal Mars.

How to Handle an Eclipse

  • Don't make significant decisions. Traditional advice includes not making a major purchase, having elective surgery, or signing an important contract.


  • Perform a ceremony. Honor this time by doing a meaningful ritual. I always suggest lighting some candles and incense. You may also wish to cleanse your living space with sage to get rid of old energy.

  • Don't overreact. Recognize that an eclipse involves the two most important energies in astrology - the Sun and the Moon. An eclipse is a time when you must slow down and use your best intentions. Whatever you do - don't get caught up in negative energy.

  • Be open to change. There is an element of fate in all eclipses because of the cyclical nature of the cosmos. Life on earth was never meant to be status quo. Reach higher.


I believe the August 21, 2017, eclipse can be a positive experience if we are in right relationship with our higher consciousness. Our pride as Americans (Leo) will give us (The public/Moon) a new (New Moon) and unique (Trine to Uranus) place in the world.

Where will you be during the Great American Eclipse? ​

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