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Mercury Retrograde & VOC Moon

Mercury Retrograde & the Void-of-Course Moon
Mercury Retrograde

Definition: When the Sun makes its orbit around the sun, the planets appear to be going a certain direction in space. When the earth reaches a certain angle (apogee) in its orbit, then those planets will appear to be backing up in space instead of going forward. The planets are not really backing up, but the earth's orbit is going faster than their forward motion in space.
The planets energy is inhibited during this period. Outcomes may be different than expected. Errors are more likely and so is mechanical breakdown.
Mercury Retrograde creates indecision and changes in plans. It requires caution and orderly thinking. It is a good time for research, planning, examination of resources, completion of projects already begun. Mercury asks us to go back to old ideas or plans from the past.
If you have Mercury Retrograde in your chart, you will experience more of a free flow during those periods. There is a small percentage of charts that have Mercury Retrograde. However, these natives can begin projects with improved success.

  • Expect disruptions and delays in business communication. Pay attention to details and accuracy. Avoid starting anything with a high dollar amount or at high risk. Avoid making major decisions (house, car, job, family).
  • Those ruled by Mercury are more acutely affected by Mercury because they may not be able to make up their mind).  This includes:
    • Gemini rising, Gemini Moon, Gemini Sun
    • Virgo rising, Virgo Moon, Virgo Sun
  • Be patient. There may be difficulty keeping in touch, with  electronics, and even speaking to others because they may not understand you. It takes patience and you have to keep trying to communicate. This is a time to smell the roses and take it easy.
  • Apply "Re" to nearly any verb. … Re-do, re-finance, re-vamp, remodel….
  • It is a time to turn inward and look introspectively.


Void-of-Course Moon

Since the moon is not making connections/aspects, it is difficult for us to make connections as well.

  • Instead of being assertive, open up your sensitive, spiritual side.
  • Wash the car
  • Light house work - nothing too heavy
  • Relax