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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "I am kind of new to astrology. Where do I start?"

Answer: First, welcome! You are not alone. There are more and more people becoming interested in astrology and other spiritual and esoteric topics. Astrology takes some study, but you too can understand your natal chart and its basic interpretation. Once you do that, you may be able to interpret the chart of family and friends. How cool is that?

There are several good books that will make astrology come alive for you. Honestly, one of the best books is "Astrology For Dummies" 2nd edition, by Rae Orion. The title is just not accurate for this book; it is really that good. Another excellent book is "Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology" by Kris Brandt Riske, M.A.

I also offer a number of value-offered services to my clients which is another way to get started.

Question: "I don't know my time of birth. Is it really that important?"

Answer:Here's the scoop on the time of birth. If you look around the Internet, you will see a variance among astrologers on the importance of time of birth. Some feel that if you don't have the exact time, why bother? Others are not that concerned about it. 

Sometimes it may be difficult to get your exact time of birth, but that should not prevent you from getting a natal chart and report. My software has an option for an unknown time of birth. Please do not be discouraged if you don't have this data point. If you purchase a report and later find out your time of birth, I will be happy to update and resend your report based on the new time. (Please note: due to the extensive time it takes me, I do not rewrite free readings).

That said, the correct time is important for determining your houses, rising sign, and exact moon position. Please try to be as accurate as possible. If you don't know the time, the Rising Sign and possibly the Moon sign might be inaccurate. Any planets on the cusp might also be inaccurate.

Some birth certificates record the date of birth. If not, you might try contacting the hospital where you were born at or talking to aunt's and uncles who were present at your birth.

Ultimately, it must be recognized that a precise astrological opinion cannot honestly be rendered unless it is based on a horoscope cast for the year, month, day, time of day, and correct geographical location of the place of birth.

Question: "What calculation options do you use to generate the reports?"

Answer: Currently, I calculate chart using the Placidus house system which is the most commonly used house system used in Western astrology in the United States. It is a reliable house system for client natal charts and electional work. I have personally calculated horoscopes from scratch using Placidus tables, and I find it remarkably elegant.

Question: "What is a Value-Offered Donation Reading?"

Answer:  I offered free readings for several years. The demand for my intuitive and perceptive services reached the point where I have to ask for a token donation. My prices are meager compared to most astrologers, but my standards are high. I demand from myself to produce the best reading possible for my clients which can take enormous time and effort.  

I am not a full-time astrologer or tarot reader, but a passionate hobbyist. Your generous donation helps me to continue my studies, purchase tools, and supplies that will enable me to keep growing my client base. As a rising leader in the astrological and tarot communities, I endeavor to more reach people with the life-changing messages from astrology and the Tarot. Please join me in this journey so that together we can make our lives and the world a better place.  

Question: "What Tarot deck do you use for your readings?"

Answer: I am a faithful adherent of the Rider-Waite deck. I have always loved its classic symbolism and artistic beauty. Other decks can be fun and exciting, but I have a deep connection to the Rider-Waite. I highly recommend either the Radiant Rider-Waite deck or the International Rider-Waite desk. I have been using the "giant" size deck for quite a while, and it continues to enthrall me.