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"Shawn is a gifted astrologer who changed the perspectives of my life and made me think differently. Looking  at things from his psychological angle made me realize important things in life. I am grateful for his insipatioanl advice and the positive options he offered. Thank you Shawn. I wish you all the best. Keep inspiring us!"

I offer a complimentary transit reading to my clients.  

Pick the planet based on your need.

Below are your choices and general themes.

  1. Mercury - Communication and Thinking
  2. Venus - Relationships and Values
  3. Jupiter - Career and Abundance
  4. Saturn - Discipline and Control
  5. Uranus - Innovation and Insight
  6. Neptune - Imagination and Spirituality
  7. Pluto  - Transformation


Transits - Mercury thru Pluto in Houses  - Pick 1 - Written by ShawnX
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*Except during Mercury Retrograde.