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Did you know that you have a personal year? 

Did you know that you have a personal year? 

The influence of the Personal year begins in January and ends in December. Usually, you will experience a spike in this imprint about three months at the end of each year.  During the first three months of the year, the influence of the previous year diminishes and the new year continues to build up energy. The month with the highest energy level is September.  As October begins, the influence of the following year appears. This dual prominence means that there is a period in which the effects of both years mesh together. While the current year winds down, the impact of the upcoming year begins to strengthen. 

The influence of your personal annual cycle is powerful; perhaps stronger than that of any other cycle. 

There are nine particular years. Each Personal year follows one another in order and then starts all over again. 

Here are the basic principles for each Personal year:

Year 1 - is a year favorable for undertakings, for growing plants, having kids and has intense energy;
Year 2 - is a year of feelings, partnership, contacts;
Year 3 - is a year of originality, impulsion, and enthusiasm;
Year 4 - is a year of hard labor, order, and possibilities;
Year 5 - is a year of adventure, freedom, and surprises;
Year 6 - is a year of liability, household activities, and duty;
Year 7 - is a year of deliberation, consciousness, and decisions;
Year 8 - is a year of payoffs, appreciation, and regard;
Year 9 - is a year of accomplishment, distribution, and changes.

Find out how these cycles can help guide you.
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