Free. Pick 1-card. Remote written reading. Please allow up to 15 days for delivery in PDF.*  Photo of spread included.  Approx. 1 page.  You may request 1 free reading per month.

*Except during Mercury Retrograde

Pick Your Card 

What Hangs Over You - What Could Be - Present Incfluences

(Card 5)

The Potential Outcome

(Card 10)

The Recent Past

(Card 4)

The Present - You and Your Situation/What Crosses You - The Challenge

(Card 1 and Card 2)

The Near Future

(Card 6)

Your Hopes and/or Dream & Fears

(Card 9)

What is Behind Your Question or the Basis of It - the Past Influences

(Card 3)

What Other People Around You Feel - External Influences

(Card 8)

What You Fear or Have Negative Thoughts About - Advice

(Card 7)

Celtic Cross Spread Reading

This free 1-card spread gives you insight into a situation. Pick the card most relevant to your question.

  • A New Direction2:31
  • Another Universe2:45
  • I See You From the Clouds2:46