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  • A New Direction2:31
  • Nativity in the Sky0:12
  • Another Universe2:45
  • I See You From the Clouds2:46

Spiritual Astrology and Sacred Tarot Readings

Sun in Pisces

Mercury Retrograde has both a technical and spiritual essence

What Your Natal Chart Reveals

  • Your natal chart is the blueprint of your soul.
  • It is a cross section of your unconsciousness mind at the time of birth.
  • Your natal chart maps your dominant trends in thinking and consciousness.
  • Your natal chart maps the areas of greatest emphasis and importance.
  • It reveals trends in your thinking and the environments most conducive to your success.​
  • It also reveals trends in your thinking and environment that are most detrimental to your well being.​ 



​​​​​Spiritual ​Astrology & the Sacred Tarot

Mercury is Direct

Welcome to AstroDark!

Astrology and Tarot will help you understand yourself and the world around you.  You are about to embark on an exciting and life-long journey. These tools can present insights about your tendencies, your gifts, and your potential. Your reading is always personal and relevant to your situation.

Shawn is a facilitative reader that helps his clients understand their lives and provide information to help them explore alternatives. He believes each of us is empowered to use astrology and the Tarot for spiritual enlightenment and direction for our lives. While he does not have all the answers, they reside within you. His role is to help you gain deeper insight into your goals, your motivations, and possibilities.

Next Mercury Retrograde:

03/22/2018 - 04/15/2018

All are welcome and invited in this place

02/18/2018 thru 03/20/2018

​Making My Passionate Hobbies; Astrology & the Tarot Come Alive!